About Us

Pebbles Energy is a privately owned Entity incorporated in the United Kingdom and Nigeria with diverse interest both in geography and products; working in one of the most difficult climates and terrains.

We are committed to delivering better returns to our shareholders over time by taking long term and responsible approach to our business strategy.

Pebbles Energy concentrate on developing efficient and lifelong operations to sustain competitive advantage through business cycles. We operate and decommission our operations safely, responsibly and sustainably.

Pebbles Energy operate as a global organization sharing best practices across every business unit and putting health and safety as our first priority.

We put sustainable development at the centre of our operations, working very closely with host communities, respecting their customs and laws; ensuring that environmental impacts of our operations are minimised and that local communities benefit as much as possible from our operations.


  • Source, store, market and distribute crude oil, petroleum products and other derivatives;
  • Engage in oil prospecting, exploration and drilling; general oil and gas field services;
  • Manage and deploy Oil & Gas Infrastructures;
  • Engage in gas and petroleum refining;
  • Engage in locating and mining solid minerals;
  • Participate and deal in power generation, transmission, distribution/supply and sale;
  • Operate and manage a diverse fleet of vessels providing Marine and Offshore associated support services to the Oil and Gas industry at onshore and offshore terminals;
  • Provide Marine Consultancy services in areas of Vessel Sale and Purchase including Pre-Purchase Inspections.

Our team of well experienced, skilled and competent professionals are driven by On-Demand service quality to meet the ever increasing needs of the sectors we operate in.


Pebbles Energy seeks to be a company of choice to our Oil & Gas and Energy Partners and a leader in providing Marine & Offshore services.


We will always strive through our professionalism to render On-Demand and high quality products and services to fully support our Clients’ operations and to provide good returns to our shareholders.

Core Values

Our Core Values are based on the acronym R.E.S.I.S.T; and are expressed through our business principles, standards and policies.

R – Reliability

E – Excellence

S – Safety

I – Integrity

S – Sustainability

T – Teamwork

Our values underline the way we manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of our operations and how we govern our business.